Training and Development Seminars and Workshops

Mission-oriented training for government employees

Leadership and Management

Your agency’s personnel need to feel empowered to make tricky decisions in a short time, lead diverse teams, and mitigate risk. Using practical strategies acquired through years of working in the federal government, we teach participants about key leadership principles and what it looks like to apply them within the context of a government agency.

Topics include: 

  • Organizational Culture
  • Conflict Management
  • Managing Risk
  • Leadership vs. Management
  • High-Performance Teams
  • Characteristics of Effective Teams
  • Managing Change and Transition
  • Emotional Intelligence

Acquisitions and Procurement

At Think Acquisition, we’re familiar with both sides of the government procurement process. We’ve used our 30+ years of expertise to develop seminars that demystify the acquisition process. Contracting personnel will walk away with strategies for fast, seamless procurement that helps their agency deliver on its mission.

Topics include: 

  • Federal Acquisition Regulations System
  • Procurement Thresholds
  • Purchase Request Process
  • Independent Government Cost Estimates
  • Fair and Reasonable Pricing
  • Agile Acquisition
  • Contract Types, Vehicles, and Incentives
  • Performance-Based Work Statements

Soft Skills

Developing soft skills is a vital part of advancing in your career and working effectively with others. Think Acquisition offers seminars and workshops that teach the skills employees need for their acquisition career, including clear and persuasive communication, problem solving and critical thinking, and team dynamics.

Topics include: 

  • Designing an Acquisition Career
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
  • Leading at the Highest Level
  • Business Writing for Government
  • Leading Through Change
  • Emerging Leader Skills

We tailor our training to your agency’s specific needs. Whether you’re looking to set up a virtual Lunch’n’Learn session once a month, or run a 2-day intensive seminar on site, Think Acquisition will create the training solution you need.