Expert Training for Federal Government Employees

We focus on increasing federal government employees’ individual effectiveness in acquisition, contracting, leadership, and program management through expert training and coaching. 

For Federal Agencies:

Training for acquisitions teams on leadership, management, procurement, and other workforce development skills

For Government Contractors:

Data-driven business development guidance to identify and engage with the right buyers within federal agencies
Training experiences that are relevant, engaging, and energetic.

Our seminars, workshops, and coaching sessions focus on the skills government employees need to be effective in their current roles and keep climbing the ladder.

Our founder, William Randolph, draws on his 25+ years of experience working at a high level in procurement for government agencies such as Naval Sea Systems Command, Marine Corps Systems Command, Department of Homeland Security, and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to deliver engaging talks full of real-world examples.

He leverages his years of experience as a government employee and procurement specialist to develop training solutions for up-and-coming federal employees. Participants walk away from our training experiences excited and ready to apply the concepts they’ve learned in their daily work.

Business Development for government contractors

With over 25 years of federal acquisition experience on the government side, Think Acquisition is uniquely positioned to help government contractors navigate doing business with federal government agencies.

Using data-driven audit reports, we give government contractors the roadmap to strategically and effectively sell to the federal government. We identify which agencies and departments are your ideal targets, help you understand how those targets operate, and how to engage with the right buyers.

The Government Micro-Purchase Marketplace

MicroMarket is dedicated to revolutionizing the landscape of government micro-purchase services. Our platform is built upon the foundation of simplifying searches (and requests), providing an arena for service providers to be seen and compete, and ensuring a trusted, efficient solution for all micro-purchase government services transactions.

For our government-side users, we promise an effortless discovery process, allowing quick access to a range of specialized service vendors. 

For our vendors, MicroMarket isn’t just a marketplace; it’s a launchpad for business creation and growth. We provide unparalleled access to government opportunities, acting as a bridge between businesses and the vast potential of government micro-purchase spending. 

Expert Knowledge on Procurement—and More

Over his career, William has become an expert not only on acquisitions, but on what it takes to succeed as a federal employee. On his two YouTube channels, he shares career advice, mindset tips, and insight into the acquisitions process.

Work with Think Acquisition

Whether you’re a government agency looking for training or a small business ready to succeed in government contracting, we have the knowledge you need.